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AVLI is a Music Producer, Songwriter and Composer.  Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, he started studying music at the age of 6with Sharon Farber who is a music composer for the film industry. At the age of 13 he trained with the orchestra leader and conductor Sarah Feigin, and later continued his education at the “Rimon School of Jazz and contemporary music” with a dual major of MP&E (music production and engineering) and film scoring.


Avli’s productions range from dramatic, action-adventure, oriental and Arabic music to modern, electronic rock and pop. He specializes in the use of synthesizers, midi programming, and audio processing. By the age of 25 AVLI produced over 40 live concerts and over 30 records, including two for Israeli artists who were award winners in 2003 and 2006.

At the age of 27, he moved to Los Angeles and started working with young talents in “artist’s development. “In addition, he currently works with several choirs, among them the Kol Sephardic Choir where he holds the position of Music Director and Conductor. Because of his multiple talents in the fields of music and recording, AVLI made a dream come true by producing the first CD in Ladino of the Kol Sephardic Choir and Ensemble.

Awards: Through the years AVLI received many awards for his musical work, too many to enumerate here. For more details, visit his website at

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