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As a Bat Anusim, Dr. (Rabbi) Elisheva Irma Diaz was born in Los Angeles into a Crypto--‐Jewish, interfaith heritage. Her Mother’s Jewish family came from the Spanish Canary Islands with their recent origins in Mexico. Her father’s family is Ashkenazi/Mexican with a very Common thread into Guadalajara, Jalisco. She was educated in Catholic private schools as a child and Grew up exposed to Judaism through her Grandmother and Mother’s family members.

She has a 25+year background in National Politics, has worked in the United States Congress, and has served with two White House Administrations. She traveled annually for 14 years to South America to address Government Leaders that included distinguished members of the United Nations and later was honored by them for her work In South America. She is an International Public Speaker, lecturer and Author who has traveled globally. She was Executive Producer of her own Television show for 12 years that aired in 170 Nations. She has helped to build orphanages, Raise money for under privileged families here and abroad and has given of her time to build Israel.

She holds a Masters in Theology and world religions, certificate in Jewish Studies and was ordained a Rabbi in 2012. She was honored by Gratz College with the, L. Bernard Rabinowitz Memorial Award for unique leadership Commitment and service to Jewish Institutions both religious and secular. She is a Mother and Grandmother who has recently included in her busy schedule Rabbinic work for Hospice Patients some of which are holocaust survivors.


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