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A multitalented dancer, cardio dance instructor and comedienne who has appeared in multiple music videos, short films, news segments and on live stages across the country. She has tickled audiences at the famous “Comedy Store” in Hollywood, co-starred in a comedy film short for “Def Comedy Jam” on HBO, performed Flamenco with the CZ Flamenco Dance Company for the production of “Flamenco Loves Tango” in Santa Barbara, achieved first place as the Top L.A. Female Salsa Dancer in 2011, and more recently performed as a principal Flamenco dancer in a music video for pop singer, Anjeza. She was one of several instructors chosen to demonstrate a cardio dance Plyojam, hot, edgy Los Angeles-based dance fitness format created by Jason Layden, on the KTLA and KTTV morning news segments.

Originating from the state of Maryland, Kelly began ballet and tap lessons at age 4. After moving to Los Angeles at age 10, she continued formal dance lessons while honing her skills as an equestrienne in Jumping, Dressage and Polo after her father purchased her first horse, a former racehorse that was a chestnut, Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse mix. Due to her parents commitment to her evolvement through education, the arts and learning new crafts, she was active in tennis, ice skating, piano playing, and writing.

Although she was mesmerized by Flamenco earlier in her life, she was inspired to begin training in that genre after attending performances of the “Riverdance” show, which featured a segment with a Flamenco dancer. Kelly began her flamenco training in 2002 with Carolyn Berger (director of “Ritmo Flamenco”,) and she continued her training with Celina Zambon in 2006, where she met Raquel and Elizabeth. Celina asked her to join the CZ Flamenco Dance Company that performed all over Southern California for several years. In addition, she received additional training from Briseyda Zarate, Katerina Tomas, Cihtli Ocampo, Richard Chavez, and Alexandra Rozo.

While honing her flamenco skills on stage , Kelly also received intensive training in Salsa (primarily with Champion Charlene Rose), and minor training in Belly Dance (including zills and doumbek drumming), Irish Dance, American Ballroom, Brazilian Samba, and West Coast Swing. She competed and won first, second, and third places in various competitions for East Coast Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, and Salsa. Her most notable was first place in the Top L.A. Female Salsa Solo Dancer competition in 2011.

Kelly currently teaches Salsa, Bachata and Flamenco at the historic 3rd Street Dance in West Hollywood. She teaches at the L.A. Bachata Festivals held twice-a-year, and she has performed Cabaret-style dance for two years at the Townhouse & Del Monte in Venice, California, that merged her comedic and dance skills.

n addition to performing and teaching salsa and flamenco on a regular basis throughout Southern California, Kelly is creating her unique one-woman show that will include comedy and dance that she aspires to debut in 2017.


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