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Help us Grow and keep Sephardic Culture & and Ladino Alive! 

Your support will enable Kol Sephardic Choir (ROSE) to continue the important work of highlighting, celebrating, and preserving this endangered musical tradition.

We request your help in supporting the continuation of this artistically important partnership with your communities through performances, finishing the choir's new album, sharing the beauty of Sephardic melodies, and healing people through art. Our performances will feature historically relevant Ladino music and flamenco dancing.

We are a volunteer choir and rely on your generous support to fund important costs including salaries for music accompanists, our wonderful music conductor and arranger, sound and lighting technicians, dancers, and venue rentals for our performances, recordings, and many more exciting things we have lined up. We were moving toward the finish line with a recording of our 2nd album when Covid hit and everything was locked down. Shortly after, our great man, founder, and Director- Raphael Ortasse passed. The songs we recorded for this album are breathtaking, outstanding, and unique. We would love to finish our 2nd album, so we can share it with you and your communities. We always bring feelings of happiness and healing with our Sephardic melodies. Don't let us stop spreading the greatness of this culture. Let us bring it to you!


We greatly appreciate your kind donations that help support the Kol Sephardic Choir (ROSE) to achieve its mission of keeping Ladino/Sephardic music and culture alive. 

We are truly grateful for all donations, big or small, that help us make this important goal a reality.

We can't do this without your support! Your help is an important factor in achieving our mission!

Donate today to ensure we can continue to serve your communities through all our wonderful programs

Thank you so much for giving!

*All donations are tax-deductible. 


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